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Game App to Improve Focus and Concentration

There’s been a lot of chatter of late about the fragmentation of our attention that we all experience in our daily lives, and how this fragmentation is diminishing our ability to concentrate and focus for any extended length of time.

Switching like a demon between Slack, WhatsApp, Email, Websites, Drive folders, and our phones is leaving us depleted at the end of each day without any real sense of accomplishment. 

Have you ever finished your day having felt super busy but unable to explain what it is you actually achieved?

It feels like you just pushed digital stuff around. Welcome to the fragmentation!

In order to provide some support to help us all bring back our ability to deep dive into concentration and focus, the boys and girls over at Cambridge University got together to develop a brain training game app called Decoder, which has since been picked up by app developer, Peak. (You can find in the game in the app store; Peak - Brain Training).

A scientific study “Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience” then went about trying to find out what happens to people who play the game against those who do not.

The results? Those who played for just 8 hours over the course of a month, gained a neurological boost in concentration and attention. 

Strong gameplay is in part about who can sustain concentration, focus, and energy the longest without loss of attention. You never know when that critical moment is coming, but oh man, when it comes, if you’re not completely dialled in you’re going to find out fast!

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