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Real Life Gameplay

Legion Energy products are proudly Australian made and have been formulated by leading food scientists in conjunction with gamers and elite athletes to create a great tasting range of enhanced powdered drinks with the goal to help people play the game of life at their peak performance without fatigue.

Focus + Energy

An elite energy and focus formula that powers you up with sustained energy, no crash.

Choose Your Weapon

Hydrate + Amino

Our hydration formula contains ingredients that keep your cells locked and loaded with fluids so you can stay focused through all your fiercest battles. A primed combination of amino acids so you can play harder while your opponents fade fast.

Hydrate Your Game

Rest + Recovery

Neglecting the essential recovery routine is the number one cause of player burnout. Our recovery formulation has a range of ingredients that serve to message the brain and nervous system, signalling your body to calm down and relax. It’s also packed with magnesium, zinc and Vitamin B6

Recover and Sleep



The Impacts of Inadequate Rest and Recovery on Gamers

Gaming, particularly at an elite level, can be an exhausting exercise. While the importance of rest and recovery for ...

Gamer Hydration and Optimal Electrolyte Levels in Visuomotor Performance

Hydration is one of the most overlooked factors in optimising our gaming performance. Far too many gamers, even at el...
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